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Non-Spoiler Review: Anna and the French Kiss

I just finished reading Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins and I rate this book 4.5 out of 5.  If you guys enjoy books that has romance in it, and contemporary genre (which are fiction books set in modern world). However, I think you will only like it if you like books that has cheating in it. Which actually hits on me so hard that I decided to take away 1but then I enjoyed the ending, so I gave it 4.5 instead! 

Here's a quick synopsis by me from this book that I just read:
This book is about a girl named, Anna, who was sent to France to study in the School of America in Paris SOAP,by her parents, and her life turned into a wreck, or maybe not? On her first day in this school, she met Meredith who was living in the room beside hers. She then met the oh-so-sexy Etienne St. Clair and she started to have a 'mini' crush on him. He gave her mixed signals ALL THE TIME, and both of them are afraid to confess to each other. St. Clair always tease her and stood up for her, but he has a girlfriend, Ellie! (And here's where the cheating is.) (PS this isn't exactly a spoiler, and you must have already seen it coming! :D But I am sorry if you didn't know and that this is a spoiler part. ) And then, the adventures went on with Anna, St. Clair, Meredith, Josh and Rashmi(2 other friends).

 I'm not really happy with how things worked out between St.Clair and Anna. This book has cheating in it, which I don't really like, but then again, the ending was really sweet which makes it why I didn't give it a 4  instead. This book is really touching at some point, and I really can feel Anna, being chosen as second by those people who wants to hang out with her. Her jealousy for Ellie, getting bullied by Amanda, and the way she got played by Dave and his friend, Mike. I actually understood it and I could even feel it, like I was the one in place of Anna during those scenes. I really enjoyed this book, but not the cheating part. I was just like Anna, so frustrated, so confused and I really wanted to smack some sense into St. Clair.
I dislike both Anna and St. Clair 's fathers.... They just made me so angry and how they treated their child so unfairly! How can St, Clair's father just rule him and her mother's life just like that? And Anna's father, how can he just send her to this school, making her suffer, skipped her Prom in her previous school and away from her previous crush, and away from her best friend? He didn't ask what she wanted, so how can he just decide such things like it does not even matter?
I actually liked the idea that Anna thought of to treat St. Clair's father to let him study in the University that he wanted. (Wicked Smirk)
Initially I thought that the school St. Clair wanted to study in was to get away from his father, which was partially true. He actually wanted to get as close as he could to Anna since she has already wanted to go to San Francisco to become a film critic. It was just so sweet! They even promised to each other to make time during the weekdays and to stay at Anna's place during the weekend. St. Clair actually chose that University since it will only be a twenty-minute train ride to go Anna's school. They are just such a perfect couple!
I pretty much like the ending, but it was kind of rushed to fit into the last few pages, but it was still a really sweet and touching ending.

Why have I not read this sooner?! This is just pure ecstasy
If you guys enjoy what I wrote and want to venture into the worlds that Stephanie Perkins has wrote, go get your copy now, or visit the library to get it as soon as possible and read it like, NOW! I promise you that this will be a really fun and romantic read, (if you like it) and you will not regret picking it up, ever! 

This is all for this post. I am now going to read other books, so stay tuned for that review. Maybe? Maybe not? You will know later. I hope that you guys have enjoyed yourself reading this post and will read the book next as well! So until then, have a great time reading! Muacks! XD

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