Thursday, 16 October 2014

Bookish Scenarios Book Tag

Another Book Tag! I saw this tag on YouTube where my favourite booktuber, Katytastic, is doing this tag! So I am going to do this! :D Let's begin!
PS. I will be doing this tag with the books that I have read and not based on the books which I have on my bookshelf! :)

1.You have to get rid of all your books and you can only keep one from each of these genres- contemporary, fantasy, non-fiction and one other genre of your choosing. What books do you keep?
Okay, this is hard... For contemporary, I am going with Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. I love love love~ this book! I read it in one sitting and I enjoyed it so much! Next, Fantasy, assuming that I can pick series, I am going with the Blood of Eden trilogy by Julie Kagawa to keep. For non-fiction, none. I don't read that many non-fiction books. So last but not least, a genre which I choose. That will be paranormal. Again, assuming I can choose series to keep, I am going to go with the Mythos Academy series by Jennifer Estep!

2. You are at the bookstore and you hear a teenager telling their mom that they don't like to read, but their mom insists that they pick something. You walk over and recommend a book you think is great for poeple who aren't big on reading- what book is it?
Okay, so different people has different taste of the genre that they like... I will most likely tell them to try Harry Potter. I mean who doesn't love this series? Although it was quite a struggle for me to read them until I was 13, so hopefully they are around that age which makes them more likely to enjoy this book. Or maybe it's me that I wasn't able to enjoy this book at that time... Whatever, moving on!

3. You're not feeling yourself and need a pick me up. Which book do you read to put yourself in a great mood?
The Infernal Devices trilogy. Who doesn't feel better when there is Will Herondale? *_*

4. You go back in time for a day to your teenage years. What book would you most likely have caught yourself reading?
Definitely Twilight. No words to be said on this.

5. Your friend surprises you with a 4 day trip and you have 1 hour to pack. Which book do you bring to read on your way?
Between the Spark and the Burn by April Genevieve Tucholke I guess. That's what I am currently reading so that is what I will be going with. Plus, it's fast pace so I won't fall asleep while I am on my way there.

6. Your house has been robbed! Don't worry- everyone is safe, but your bookshelf has been raided. What's the book you really hope is safe.
PS. This will be a book that is actually on my bookshelf. 
Twilight again. It's my biggest treasure that I ever own, my first ever book, bought by my own money which I saved up for months! So of course this book has to be safe!

7.You friend borrows a book and returns it in awful condition. Do you a)Just pretend you haven't noticed. b) Ask them to repurchase it. c) Secretly do the same to something of theirs.
Okay, if you don't know me I will actually go with C. I mean this is my thinking, like you deserve it for destroying my babies. So you have to pay it back with something which you also like getting destroyed. And then I will go with B. No matter how expensive it might be, they have to buy it to pay me back before I can forgive them. And if my book is a  hardback and I paid a lot of money for it and you happen to destroy it, be prepared to buy me back the same exact book no matter how much it costs you. *innocent smile* No way will I pretend nothing happen, not even my best friend can do this to my books!

This is getting way out of hand. Al right, that is all for this tag! I hope you guys enjoy reading it. Until next time, happy reading! Muacks! XD

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