About Me!

Hello~ I'm YouYing aka Katrine (pronounced exactly the way it looks). 
I don't read very fast because
1. I have too many schoolwork and I am falling apart (both mentally and physically),
2. I like to enjoy each and every word in the book.
(Basically this just means I'm a slow reader)

I have 5 ear piercings if you didn't know, am I badass enough for you now? ;)

I play a few instruments such as Piano(main priority), currently self-learning guitar, and (chinese) Guzheng and Erhu (extra-curriculum activities in school).
If possible, I'm trying my best in order to be able to major in Music in the future!

 I watch a lot of anime with my friends, got addicted to it because of the influence from my brother, and it ended up being me trying to draw anime characters since the start of 2014!
If you are interested in which anime/manga I like, read on!
1. Kuroshitsuji aka Black Butler
2. One Piece

My current obsessions are reading (it does not matter whether it's manga or novels, I just read), book blogging, drawing, watching anime(all day long), and my love for meat :D

I started reading since young through the influence of my mother, but only really became an avid reader because of Twilight.
I started buying and collecting books at the end of 2013.
I have a bookstagram account, so if you guys are interested, do check it out! It's DiveIntoBooks

Fun fact: I only have Korean and Japanese music in my playlists. Why?
It's because I get really sick of English music after listening to it after a number of times. :(

Some of my favourite books:
1. Ugly Love (it's the bomb!!!) <3
2. Ignite Me (I have an obsession with this book, just FYI)
3. ACOMAF!!!
4. November 9
5. The Infernal Devices

Some of my favourite fictional boyfriends:
1. Aaron Warner
2. Rhysand
3. William Herondale
4. Elias Veturius
5. Owen Gentry 

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