Tuesday, 28 March 2017

November 9 by Colleen Hoover Review!

Hey readers! How have you guys been, so apparently I haven't been reading a lot of books that I wanted to review, and also, I was in a reading slump in the past few months during my holidays in which I didn't read a lot. Maybe because I was procrastinating, but let me just blame it on the reading slump.

Alright, let me just get started with this review now, and less rambling about my reading for now.

PS. This post was supposed to be up in like a few months back when I finished reading the book, but I guess it's better late than never, right? SO LET'S GET STARTED!!

Rating: 5/5 stars

Thought on the book:

This book was EVERYTHING that I was looking for. It was just amazing, a really good sense of plot in the writing, and even the characters make you fall in love with the book. You can't help but want more of this book, which is exactly what happened to me. But no, seriously, if you guys haven't pick up this book, or never even tried reading Colleen Hoover's books, let's be real, what have you been doing! Just pick it up, read that first sentence, and I can promise you that you will be BLOWN AWAY by how mesmerising this book is.
It just captivates your heart, your mind and your soul, and it consumes you, tears your heart, but meld it all back with the cute and beautiful romance that you are waiting for your entire life.

 This by far, might be one of my favourite CoHo's book, and until now I can still remember the book so well.

This book has like the most interesting events and some of the quotes really stood in my head, even after reading this book, this book has already changed my life, with all the self-love, trying to show you that even though you might have a part of you that you want to hide from the society, as long as that confidence in you is still there, you can do whatever you want! Sure, our main character has a huge flaw shown on her body, and she wants to hide it from everyone, and she hates how her looks affected her everyday life, but when she slowly gains her confidence with the help of her new friend, she realised that "hey, as long as I think I am beautiful, I can rock this world!"

Okay, so in this book, there are some parts of the story that made me really angry, yet sympathize the characters, as the story slowly unfolds itself.
The cool thing about this book is the way it was written, it teases you with a bit of what might have been the reason that caused the accident, but then it just walks off like nobody's business, and it just leaves you hanging like "Wait, what?! GET BACK HERE!" and you starts to scream at the book, and you have the biggest urge to just throw this book at the wall, but then you pick it up and continue reading, and the cycle just repeats itself, and you willingly let your heart get hurt and shape it back and gets hurt again. (*cough* I never learn my lesson. Ever. *cough*)
This book does this teasing and taunting to get your attention every time, and you just want more, you want to know what exactly happens in the book, and you get it! Finally! But it will only be revealed...
At. The. End. Of. The. Book.

Although it sounds like a hardship and a really long journey to get to the end to know the real ending and the whole reason, it just felt so worth it because you have read everything all the way from the start, knowing nothing at all like Fallon, which by the way is our main character, and you just discover bits and pieces of the truth with her! What a journey, right? This might be why I fell in love with this book, mostly because of the style of writing.

So would I recommend you guys to go pick this book up?
YES! Although I do not encourage the actions done in this book by the characters, but it is all fictional, and it is meant to be a form of enjoyment, not to make you follow the actions, duh! But putting all the harm aside, and just reading it for the sake of reading and having fun, then yeah! Definitely pick this bad boy up! You might also find yourself a new book boyfriend after this!!! HAHA!

Alright, so if you haven't pick the book up, go read it! And stay away from the following paragraph because they are full of spoilers! Come back only when you are done reading!


So first off, the ending, it was a whole thrill of experience and I had wanted nothing more than to just throw the book out that window and curl myself up into a ball and cry out loud, because this book has just ruined me, both inside and outside. I never knew that the truth could be so harsh and so hurting. I really could relate myself with Fallon, and I know how she feels, and I should hate Ben for all this, but after reading about why Ben was the whole cause of everything, it makes me even sadder, but I can understand why he did what he did, and I know it's wrong for him to do that, but still... I CAN FEEL FOR HIM!

Oh and also, when Ben did a tattoo on himself just to remind himself of what true love is, and how his mother had a tattoo on herself for the exact reason, was just the most perfect thing ever. It got me thinking that maybe I shouldn't get a tattoo on myself until I really truly experienced what is true love, to make me remember it my whole life, but who knows?

And I definitely love the part where Fallon tells Ben that her mom told her to not date until she was 23 years old, and since she was still 18, they both had to wait 5 more years before they can get together. It was just the best thing in this book ever, and most probably one of my favourite part in this entire book. I can just relate so much to this part of the book, because I'm from an asian family, and my parents are really not very okay with me dating so early in my life, and I have been following my parents wishes because as they say, "parents know the best for their children"!
End of spoiler!

Well I guess this is my spoiler (real short), but I don't know what else to say, like that short part feels super spoiler-y to me already, hahaha!

Alright, so I will just end this blog post here, I will definitely write more when I read more books, but lately, I haven't been reading all that much! Hmm, I wonder why? (*cough* games and drama and school *cough*)

I will see you guys next time, hopefully soon!


Monday, 27 March 2017

What's Going On In My Life?

Hey guys, this is like my first post for 2017! I haven't been reading a lot of books this year, and I have been into school work and events lately, and maybe because I have a lot of things that made me procrastinate and not read. But what are these "things"? Read on to find out!

First off, it's not like I haven't been reading at all, let me redeem myself first! I'm reading more of Chinese books instead of English YA books, so that's one problem. Another problem is that I don't think anyone would want me to post my review on Chinese books, which is what putting me off from writing anything. But if you are interested in what I have been reading, here's some of the titles. So I will write it this way, <Chinese title, (how to pronounce the chinese words), and the English title.>

- 微微一笑很倾城 (wei wei yi xiao hen qing cheng) Just One Smile Is Very Alluring
- 何以笙箫默 (he yi sheng xiao mo) Silent Separation
- 杉杉来吃 (shan shan lai chi) Come Eat, Shan Shan
So all these books are by this author 顾漫 Gu Man.

She is really a very talented writer and I love her books so much! It's now my life! The reason why I picked up these books was because I first watched this Chinese Drama called Love O2O featuring 杨洋 Yang Yang, 郑爽 Zheng Shuang as the main characters in the show. And let me tell you, this is the BEST show I have ever watched, and it even topped my rankings, which has Descendants of the Sun in it. I have already watched this drama 3 times, given my busy schedule, and you can just tell, how much I LOVE this show!
I then found out that Love O2O was actually adapted from a book that Gu Man wrote, and I obviously went to pick up the book to read it. So I went to Kinokuniya in my country and tried to find the book, but they only had traditional version of the book. But that's for a whole other story, that I will post in my blog soon!
(Fun fact, I don't read traditional chinese characters, because I never learn it in school. I mean I can read the words, but it takes me a much longer time to process everything. And yes, I am taught both English and Chinese, because it is compulsory to be bilingual in my country, where you have the international language, and your mother tongue language like Malay, Tamil, and Mandarin!)

Next, I was very into my other hobby which is gaming, either on my computer or on my PS4 and 3DS. I usually play Don't Starve Together with a bestie of mine on the computer during our school breaks, which as I'm writing this post is currently my school break! I recently got a New 3DS XL, and let me tell you, it is the best decision I have ever made in my life, hahaha! So I'm pretty addicted to my consoles as well, as you can see.

I am also very addicted to Mystic Messenger and if you've seen other people playing or have played it yourself, you will know that this game is very time consuming in a really good way, and it's based off of real time and you HAVE to play it as soon as the chatrooms are open, if not you will feel guilty and angry at yourself because you have to spend hourglass (the currency in the game, and which also runs out really fast) to unlock the missed chatrooms.
So you must be like "Kat, this game has been out for so long, and the hype has mostly died down, why are you still playing it?" (same questions to be asked to those Pokemon GO fans as well).
But for me, I just love this game SO MUCH, like the day I found out about this game, it has consumed my everything in life. I'm constantly checking my phone and I found happiness playing this game. No joke.
The characters just felt so real to me, maybe because the characters all have their own voice actors, and it makes you feel 10 times more connected to them. And to also redeem myself, they have a lot of DLC lately, like the Valentines Day, Christmas, and now they have the April Fool's Day. So even after playing the main game, these DLC just sucks you right back to the game. So, I have been playing MM even till this day...

Okay, next let's talk about school. So I just finished my 2nd semester in school, and I just finished a 3 weeks long project doing animation, and it was just so tiring because I powered through the whole thing in 2 weeks, because if not, I will have lost all motivation to even do anything in the last week. And also before my school project started, school was really tiring, with the constant drawing, and assignments, and more drawing, it really tires you out, and for someone like me with really high energy at the start and then burns down slowly at the end, it just makes me really tired at the end of the semester.

Also I have been participating in a lot of school events, as I am part of the ambassador for my school, I help out in the events that my school hosts and get CCA points. So far this year, I have done Open House (which was okay, just time consuming) and I am now preparing for a Freshmen Orientation which takes place next week. This whole month has been me going to school and have day camps to meet my peers and then having dry run for the whole event, trying out the games that will be taking place on the day of the orientation. I wanted to be a Game Master, but I don't think I will land on the position because I think they have already selected the people they want to be GMs even before I went for the day camps... Oh well!

Next I have just been practising my piano almost everyday, which is unheard of, since I don't practise during school terms since I get home at like 7pm everyday with half-dead mind and body and more assignments to be done. But because I have to take my Grade 8 exams this year in my next school break, and now I have the time, I have to practise! After all, practise makes perfect! And I can definitely see a huge improvement after 3 weeks of practising! YAY!

So I guess this is what have been happening in life. To sum it up, school, gaming, and exam! What a great life! But no seriously, just from having my 3DS to accompany me, I tell myself everyday that I am really glad to be alive at this day and age right now! WOO!

Alright, I will end this post now, and I hope you guys have a great year ahead! Have fun reading if you are still reading, and just have fun in life if you are not! See you guys soon in the next post!