Thursday, 30 April 2015

Ugly Love Review (NON-SPOILER)

Hi guys! I'm back with another review! I do hope my review will make you feel like getting the book and read it! (Psst! I just got my classmate to buy it because that's my way of sharing love ;) So I'm doing the same to you too!)

This book was the life of me, I got really sucked into the plot within two pages, and that is how good it is! 
Actually this book was my first ever Colleen Hoover book that I have ever read, and this is also the book which just ruined my life. It made all my feelings all jumbled up and I am not sure how I should express myself about this wonderful book. No, saying that this is a wonderful book is an understatement. It's like looking at a unicorn in front of me right after I finished reading this book. I have never even read such book before, and now I'm slowly falling into a reading slump because all I can think of is this book and that there is no other books that can even compete with how awesome this book is. I will get over it sometime, but not now. All I can think about is this book. 
I just love the duo point of view that Colleen Hoover had in this book, it just made me feel so much more connected with the characters, especially Miles because throughout the whole book, we slowly get to know more of him bit by bit and why he is trying to distant himself from having a relationship. At the end when we got to know exactly what happened, it was just so painful! I couldn't even stop the tears from coming! However, when I reach the last chapter of the book, it was just so heartwarming and so touching and I just go all fangirling at how sweet a chapter could be! 
This book just made me have so many weird feelings that I wasn't sure what I was feeling at that point of time. I was like laughing at how corny Miles and Tate were at some point, but then at the next sentence of the book, I was in so much pain at the problems that they were facing! 
It was just so difficult to control my emotions when I was reading this book especially at the ending! It just tore my heart so much and I literally wanted to throw the book towards the wall when I was reading how stupid Miles was. Yet the ending just made me like him so much more when he finally tried to forgive himself and not take it so hard on himself since it wasn't actually entirely his fault. Whenever I was reading this book, I really like to read about Miles' part when he was with Rachel, but then slowly at the end because of one accident, I seriously hated Rachel because of that. However, when she showed Miles how happy they should be, it kind of neutralise my hatred towards her. At the ending when Colleen Hoover brought in one more person's point of view and also added in what Miles were really thinking during the present time, it was just so genius! Just by doing so, it makes the book feel so much as a whole and the ending just feels so much more satisfying! I also like that the ending doesn't feel so rushed, since this book is quite short as compared to other stand alone books that I have read before. 
In short, it is a really awesome book, it immediately became one of my top favourites after I finished reading it! That's how good it is, trust me!!!

Would I recommend it to you? Totally, you are missing out if you haven't even pick any of her books up before!
Would I read it again? Hell yeah!
Rating: 5 unicorn stars!

Get this book if you love Romance, Contemporary, and New Adult books! 

That is all for this post! Hope I managed to accomplish my mission of getting you to read this book! It's so good! I hope you guys enjoy yourself reading this book, and have a great time reading this week! I will be posting more soon, so until then, happy reading! Bye! MUACKS! XD

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