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November'14 Wrap Up

Hello guys! Another month has passed and it's time for another... WRAP UP!!!
I did pretty well this month *pats myself on the shoulder shamelessly*
I read a total of 5 books this month, I know, it isn't a lot, but I think that this is a good amount of books read in a busy month!

So, first of all, I finished White Hot Kiss by Jennifer L. Armentrout in the first week of November.

I give it a 5/5 stars!
Quick overview of this book:
This book has lots of action-pack and a bit of romance in it. This book is about Wardens (gargoyle) and demons. They are enemies, they don't get along with each other at all. However, Layla, our main character here, was actually half gargoyle and half demon! Apparently she can kill a person's soul by kissing them, and she has a crush on this gargoyle named Zayne, and she tries so hard to fit in. Then she meets Roth, a hot demon, and everything starts getting wild. 

My thoughts:
This book was just so amazing, kept on me on the edge of my seat when I was reading it. I like both Zayne and Roth, especially Roth, he is just so hot!!! I totally freaked out when I found out who was Layla's parents, just like how she was so shock when they revealed it to her! It was just such a fantastic book, amazing writing, awesome plot. Definitely a 5/5 stars for me. 

If you love Paranormal, Fantasy, and those hot looking demons, this is the book that you should most definitely check out!

Next, right after that I picked up Origin by Jennifer L. Armentrout and finished it in the same week.

Again, another 5/5 stars for Jennifer L. Armentrout's books. They are just fantabulous! ;) Since this is the fourth book in the Lux Series, I will not give you too much detail in case I spoiled you, and also, I will try to keep my review short and sweet without revealing too much as I might, again, spoil you :)

I will give you an overview of the first book, Obisidian, and if you like it, go check it out!
This book is about a girl named Katy, who moved to West Virginia and apparently, her neighbour, is one hell of a hot alien! (Holy mama!) She saw the way he looked, tall, beautiful eyes, everything about him was making her swoon, until he opened his mouth. Daemon was just arrogant and they do NOT get along, at all. However, when a stranger tried to attack Katy, everything went all downhill. Daemon just marked Katy, and now all the enemies are able to find her. She has to stick close to Daemon in order to survive and things start getting a little bit tricky.

My thoughts on the fourth book:
It was just so fast paced, and again, kept me on the edge of my seat with all the action scenes in this book! I don't get how this Daedalus works, and the way they think, it just makes everyone suffer! They said they were trying to save people, but all I see is how they hurt people! 
So, I hate Nancy, no surprise there. When reading, I just want to smack some sense into her to make her stop all the nonsense she was going on!
This book was just so smexy hot at some point, but I don't really mind it.
The ending was just such a cliff-hangar, I need the last book, like NOW!

If you like supernatural, science-fiction, hot aliens, romance, this book is just exactly what you need to check out.

If you have already read this book, you should check out my review on goodreads :)
Review for the Origin

The third book I finished would be The BrokenHearted by Amelia Kahaney. Finished this on the second week. Sadly, I only give this book 3/5 stars...
The plot for this book was kind of unbelievable, no link here and there. Not really enjoying myself this book, I gave it 3 stars was because of the action-pack in the ending, but other than that, I really fought with my reasoning to give it a 2 stars.

Here's a quick review so that I don't spoil you.
What I like about this book is that halfway to the end of the book, it has lots of action-pack, Anthem(the main character) was just so kick-ass with her new ability. I also like the development of the each character.
What I dislike is that the plot was just so questionable, there were so many loopholes in this book and makes it hard to link everything up. This book also does not have a good development of the plot, a really confusing introduction to this world. This book just disappoints me. 

My thoughts have a lot of spoilers, so you can check out my review here:
Review for The BrokenHearted

If you like superheroes, romance, fantasy, science fiction, and dystopian, you can try checking this book.

The fourth book which I finished on the third week is Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier. I feel that I have been mentioning this book in my blog this month. This book deserves a 5/5 stars, it's just so damn good!

Here's a quick overview of this book:
Gwyneth Shephard has a beautiful cousin Charlotte who has been preparing all her life to be a time-traveler. However, it was actually Gwen who first traveled to another time instead!Now, Gwen has to find out about her ability, brush up on her history and work with Gideon, who was also another time traveler from another family that passes the gene through its male line, and over the time, they were very important. Now, they have to travel through time to discover the mystery of 18th century and contemporary London to find out who they can trust.

My thoughts on this book:
This book was just so mindblowing at the ending, when everything clicked together right at the end of the page! I like how Gwen was so bad-ass, she was just so witty and she always made the funniest comment at everything! Her friend, Lesley, was just the perfect sidekick! I like how Gideon always bicker with Gwen about everything, they are just so cute and funny when they always travel together to other eras. 

If you like historical fiction, time traveling, science fiction, romance, fantasy, this is the right book for you.
Fun fact: This book is actually written in German and was translated to English and many other languages!

And last but not least, the fifth book that I finished was actually an audio book. If you followed me on my twitter, you will know that this is my first time listening to an audio book and it's Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire. I am giving this book 4.5/5 stars.

Thoughts on this book:
I enjoyed this audio book a lot, however there was so much drama inside, that I took away 1 star. 
This book was so amazing, breathtaking, and it made me swoon while reading it. I like Travis and Abby together, but when they are always bickering over small little stuff all the time, it just gets tiring. However, because I like the way it ended where everything was all cute and sweet, I gave it another 0.5 stars. I would only recommend this book if you are 17 and above or if you are okay with all the erotic scenes, not a lot, but this book still has these scenes. 
But other than this book was really good. 
I liked how America and Abby were like good friends, and they understood each other like they were sisters. The ending was so lovely, and when Abby and Travis were trying to explain the whole situation to America who were freaking out at them. It was just so hilarious and I loved that part.

If you like romance, chick lit, contemporary, and is currently into New Adult, I would recommend you to go for this book. Included that you are okay with those smexy hot scenes(not a lot) in the book.

You guys should also check out the audio book version, it is so cool listening to the narrator narrating the book. It felt like watching a movie but without the scenes in front of you. It is worth checking out, you won't regret it.

All right, that is all for this month's wrap up. I really enjoyed myself this month, and hopefully you guys will be interested in reading these books that I have mentioned. Another post will be up soon so stay tune for it! Until then, happy reading this week guys! Muacks! XD

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