Saturday, 21 February 2015

February'15 Book Haul!

Hey guys!!! So this post will be dedicating to the books that I received for my BIRTHDAY!!!! YAY!!!

So let me start off with the books that I got for myself with my own money :D

Firstly, I got Amy and Roger's Epic Detour by Morgan Matson. This is my first ever book that I got by Morgan Matson and will also be my first ever book that I will be reading that is written by her! I am just so excited as I heard so many great things from other readers how this book is just so wonderful! I really need to read it soon!
Here's a picture of it!

Next I was walking around in my local bookstore the other day and there was a 20% offer and I was really excited and went all out to look for at least one book to buy! I walked around the bookshelves twice but couldn't find anything! Just when I was about to leave the store, in the corner of my eyes I saw this wonderful limited edition book in it's beautiful hardcover edition, just relaxing on the shelves, and I knew I totally had to get this book. And this book is Looking For Alaska by John Green! It's the 10th year anniversary edition and it's just being wrapped really beautifully with no damages, and of course I had to get it! But then the price was a bit expensive and I thought to myself "no, I will not buy it. I'm still on my book buying ban!" I went straight out of the door and went grocery buying and I was carrying heavy stuff and suddenly, I just had this urge to get the book. So I just went back to the bookstore while carrying the heavy stuffs and got the book. Now I'm just so happy that I owned it! Here's a picture of it naked!! XD

And the last book that I got for myself  is Clockwork Prince graphic novel by Cassandra Clare! Finally I manage to get it on my hands! Now I can marathon The Infernal Devices manga as soon as I finish reading Clockwork Princess. XD Really excited for it!!!

So I managed to 'bribe' my mom into giving me some money so that I can buy a book that I have really wanted for a really long time. And so this book is... PERCY JACKSON AND THE OLYMPIANS SERIES!!! YAY!!!! So I actually got the box set and there are 5 books in it and they are by Rick Riordan.
-The Lightning Thief
-The Sea of Monsters
-The Titan's Curse
-The Battle of the Labyrinth
-The Last Olympian
Now I can marathon these books and don't have any more excuse to put down this series!
Let me show you the pictures!

And last but not least, two of my friends got me two book and that is...
The 5th Wave and The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey! You guys have no idea how long I have been wanting to read these books! And now my friends got it for me and I can't wait to marathon them! I will be reading it after my finals in November and that's just the right time because the third book is coming out in the later part of 2015!

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