Saturday, 19 July 2014

Review : Eleanor and Park ( NO SPOILERS)

I just finished reading Eleanor and Park today and I felt a need to write out how I feel about it.

I give this book 4.5 StarsReally worth the time reading and I really enjoyed it a lot.

At first I was sort of hesitant about finishing this book but now, I think that it was really worth it, putting all my time into this book and actually finish reading it and understood everything about Eleanor. Although I didn't like the writing of Rainbow Rowell in this book, but the story line was great so I guess it is still quite OK.
The way Eleanor dressed and did not mind how the others around her think of her. She is practically in her own world until Park came into her life. Park treated her so carefully, like she was a fragile doll that could break any moment. It was so sweet every time they talked together and hanged out.
However I did not liked the way Rainbow Rowell chose the country of birth of her characters like Park's mother being a Korean. I mean it is a nice way to represent them being Asian but the way she talked, it does not really show that she is Asian but more of like a kid trying to talk for the first time. Her English made it hard for me to understand but it is still readable.
What I don't really get was why Eleanor's mother had to re-marry. I mean if she can divorce her previous husband, then why can't she do it again? How is she even able to withstand the sight of her children being abused everyday and is still able to live with this kind of person? Especially when she herself is also being mistreated. Why doesn't she just divorce this guy so she can have a much happier life together with her children?
I felt that Eleanor is a very unique girl which cannot be found in other books. Her life is quite similar to ours, it is common in the real life, cases where the children are being abused by their step-parents. The way Eleanor felt, all the pain and how she suffered all the time when she got humiliated by her stepfather and her classmates, I totally understood it and felt it myself too.
However, initially I though that she was a bit messed up in the head. She should be feeling happy whenever Park complimented her, yet she acted weirdly by crying instead of being happy. But I understood why she acted like this all the time, now that I have read the book.

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